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after a teacher is arrested. >> that child was hit and killed by an s u v last night. and how about kidding to your forecast? >> the weekend. this is the afternoon for still, a little bit slower. interstate 580. jackie has
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more details with the stretch that girl was struck and killed. here is video off. at the scene. police say that she was riding westbound. on novato boulevard westbound when this white s u v was going east bound. she was transported and eventually air lifted to open children's hospital. later, she was pronounced dead at oakland children's hospital. the driver has been fully cooperative. he stopped and offered first aid to the little girl. however, not
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releasing much information on the cause. we will get more information. that little girl died. andhaley was new to the area she just moved here from new mexico with her family. her family is of course grief- stricken it. it is a sad scene. as we mentioned, the scrolling of moral items continue. the growing-the mora the memorial site. there will be grief counseling available for students at the school who need it. this is possibly the first time that children will have to deal with something like this. there will be
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counseling available. and they went on to say that their heartfelt >> this an improper relationship with this student. this 28 year-old stewart teach was arrested and parents met with administrators to address their concerns. >> we are reacting with a child's best interest at heart. i was sec. i try to go to every family i was just--sec. whatever the outcome is i was just sick. it just sinks to the bottom of your stomach. >> the superintendent said that they are providing the
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vague details the mental health coordinator will also be on hand to help with the situation. >> and we are talking about what prosecutors led to this a deadly shooting at the colorado movie theater in aurora, colorado and the month of july. that left 12 people dead. with 60 injured. this information from previous court documents including confirmation that the gunman, james jones said a package to the university of colorado psychiatrist. james- holmes.. although the psychiatrist said that she did not see the notebook. and also documents included information that he spoke with other students to about killing people. when his life was over. defense attorneys have argued that he is mentally ill impossibility of an insanity plea. >> police arrested the anti-
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islamic film that is sparking outrage worldwide. he is convicted of bank fraud in 2010 and four of his probation is not being allowed access to a computer. part of this- probation was not been allowed access to computer however, once he uploaded that to you to be violated his probation. and this ranged from tunisia, sudan. and watching the doubt there'l the dow jones. and this rebound is from first filing unemployment is the lowest level since the month of july. also, the country of spain is releasing their budget. with a bail out from the european union. with 25
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percent. and on tap, we're going to see personal spending reports coming out. right now, futures are down. by 52 points. the u.s. consumer spending. >> despite against west nile virus is taking center stage. they are trying to stay ahead of the fight against west nile virus. however, the breeding areas have been identified as standing water. 6:0 7:00 a.m. and at 6:15 a wet drive. this water main break prompting evacuation's. you can see the streets. >> 6:30 with modern changes and is could top news for
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>> welcome back. >> is now illegal for an employer or a college in california to demand your social media password. you see this was a new law signed into law by the governor. those people are protected. employes, applicants, and prospective students. also, facebook gifts.. it has been revealed to just a limited number of users. and they are able to see a preview of the gift.
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perhaps they can change the size, color. and the facebook is going to be used gradually. >> we will be right back as the kron 4 morning news continues. this live look. we have seen backups. in the westbound direction. hi, i'm amy for downy unstopables
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>> take a look of this flooding in at san diego. it looks like things however, are going to get better. look at that water. and it is being forced people to get out of their areas and staying in hotels. >> 6:15 we're not going to have any water for us. however, some heat. >> good morning. we are going to see some warm weather since the month of june. we are going to see some relief in fact it will not be as warm as yesterday. we do have some cloud coverage to contend with and it will stick around. even for this afternoon. and as
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we focus on the current conditions. 50s and san jose and 40's in santa rosa. the visibility chart showing that is below to m.p.h. through half moon bay. and 2.5 mi. commuting through santa rosa. and extremely foggy conditions as a result of s f o, 71 minutes on arriving flights. please keep in mind and check with your carrier if you're going to the airport were collecting someone. this afternoon temperatures the futurecast showing 60s for the heart of the bay by lunch. most of the inland areas could see 80s. as we go for this afternoon wore orange. however, 82 degrees
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in los gatos. we are climbing into the low 90s in livermore. that is probably the only location. and upp wit'r castro valley and 60s for san leandro. turning our attention to the north bay. 60s in downtown san francisco and 684 ocean beach. if you are going to the 68--expected for ocean beach. the mid '80s however, it is going to be toasty. and your kron 4 7 day around the bay highlighting the weekend. upper 90s for the inland areas. and upper 70's for the coast. we will continue with that warm up and still unseasonably warm weather for the middle of next week.
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>> george? >> still, some hot spots are not quite bad but still this back up is becoming an issue with modern lights activated at 14 minutes to the approach. for the san mateo bridge. still, decent with a live 12 minutes. hayward towards foster city and the golden gate bridge with no delays or problems for the southbound 1 0 1. already, heavy traffic in the north bay. it could be a bit typical for a friday. looking at the commute. the drive times. look at that. 14 minutes-16 minutes from hercules towards berkeley. and a 680 looking decent. and the ride to the south- bay is still a problem-free. still, slow on 101
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northbound. the drive times to 20 minutes. to the montague expressway and still, no delays on the 101 south bound. that is easy. and caltran looking problem- free. >> it could be trouble on your way home from san francisco because of critical mass. this is the 20th anniversary. they are saying that this could be 5000-10,000. and it could be 10 times the normal turn out. this massive amount of bicycles. they are going to start off on the class a we do know that. and that is all we know because as you know. they are just following the pack. this could really beat a stalled
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commute for many people. the police are looking for people that there have been certain riots with confrontations with commuters. it becomes a bit of a pressure cooker system for people try to get through. the police will be out in force. just be prepared. >> in the meantime, drivers and los angeles are preparing for this 10-mile stretch of the east freeway to the 405. starting tonight police all lanes. will be off-limits. and i think that part of what that was is because that everybody knew they were prepared for it. with
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new bridges, ramps and a car pool lanes. so the message is to not try if you do not have to and west los angeles. and they are not going to tolerate any highway pranks. and they think that it will run smoothly. normally, the drive times they say that it is advisable to stay away. >> those of the stores that we're following the 40's sent this gunman killed four different people at a minneapolis signe business for turning the gun on himself. killing-four people. and in the bay area. this stake marijuana bust and sonoma county. this was near
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moreland and bellevue ave. police are arresting 15 people cured charges with possession of marijuana. they found 1200 marijuana plants. this is worth $2.5 million. this is known for a gang activity. and a quick break as we continue. until 10:00 a.m. this live look. the effect fog over the city with clear skies. and thick.. fog thick.. vo: for years, sacramento politicians have chopped away funds for our schools. today, we're forty-seventh out of fifty in per-pupil funding. now these politicians say unless we send more tax dollars to sacramento, they'll cut education again. here's a new approach. prop thirty-eight sends billions in new education dollars straight to our local schools, and guarantees the politicians can't touch it. thirty-eight will restore the education cuts from sacramento.
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so remember this number. thirty-eight.
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>> welcome back. a decent forecast on file napa. >> the update from the royal scandal photographs. there were only published in one newspaper in the united kingdom but widely of mind. this spokesperson saying that the prince is currently
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focusing his role in the british army, afghanistan. >> and if you want to get the best banks in america? this is listed in money magazine. with the list u.s. bank is the one. and t d bank and the rest. allen and capital one. and another list to tell you about this will reveal what colleges have the best graduate rates. it looks at the mid career salaries. 10 years after graduation. they say that from coming in at no. 1 is princeton university. it is under $100,000. and also, if
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this was in clairemont california. and the third is the california institute of technology. and the naval academy in the u.s. academy these are graduates that the prime ssegment. and also, the average salary for graduates. . i only made $10,000. >> and $17,000. however, this was back in the old days i rode a horse to work [laughter] . >> whitey competition was held at facebook's today awarding $100,000. this, sponsored by the bill and melinda gates foundation. four useful college advice.
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this will run until november 16th and i know that they require to make a lot of money when they develop new items. >> we will be right back as the kron 4 morning news continues. the wall street showing negative.
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the opening bell on wall street this friday closing at 14. . starbucks during the opening bel in the airline e
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it's gonna be a nice day for/because it's going to be hot. >> we should get the coffee today and said the slushy for the weekend. temperatures will be flirting with the triple digits. in the evening hours will see instances of patchy fog. today is shaping up to be warming gorgeous day. temperatures climbing up into the mid-90s. i will show you what's on tap for the week coming up in my next report. >> first i want to tell you something about the san mateo bridge. we have been tracking these delays the last couple of weeks and we are checking out first hand if there are construction issues near the base of the high rates that have been causing these delays. no
6:31 am
delays for the san mateo bridge currently. the only slow traffic to be found is in the east bay on highway 4 on interstate 580. >> cal train has nearly $40 million now for the first phase of the modernizing of the probe popular an insult railway. >> great news for writers out here this morning. we are out here at the fourth and king street. there is $40 million that is going to go to advanced decal trade modernization program. this is the first step in the program. and advanced signal system will be put in place. what this means is that there'll be more trains
6:32 am
running every hour every day. good news for most of us it will be a much quicker commute. this program also aims to increase safety measures. as well as efficiency. we will modernize and bring this as up-to-date as possible. this is only the first step, it will take several years to get this together. the 40 million is the beginning for the billions of dollars that will be needed to complete this project. writers will have to be patient as this program unfolds. >> the richmond refinery in the massive fire their at the chevron facility. two lawmakers are calling for a state hearing to try to prevent fires. more public
6:33 am
health protection is needed. we were trying to improve public safety. >> this morning a mother abandons her 10 year-old daughter while shoplifting. the police say they saw a girl rolling the car with more of an hundred and $50 of groceries out of a car that week. 38 year-old marshy keenan left her daughters to get her as tv but took off when she saw that her daughter was being questioned. she is in police custody and the police are still looking for keeneland. there's a rising crime concerning the electronics. a robbery and assault pacific heights was robbed of a back pack as she was walking down the street. there was an ipad in that backpack. their reports of
6:34 am
seven victims of having their devices stolen, several of the victims were attacked one of them being left unconscious. >> supporters speaking out against the police to patrol the serious city last night. dallas braden was fired up rallying against the high crime rate. >> they said the only bit of advice they give me to protect myself was to take my grandmother and to move. unless i'm shooting or unless they are shooting at me, they just don't come. i have fought for this community and given back to this community. i love this community. to be lied to blatantly by the guy that is supposed to be calling the shots around here, i have nowhere to go to. army yourself or get out, we have no other choice. the boys in
6:35 am
blue are outgunned and a latino and so many words that they just can't do it. >> it is the second most violent city in the state. they have the 50 is homicide in the city. >> president obama has a lead over mitt romney. in the latest wall street journal point the president is seven points ahead of rummy and answer. 54 percent and that up in carolina. 74 percent and nevada. they 4 percent were undecided and their vote. 86 percent strongly supported their candidate. president obama won all of these states and the 2008 election. we will be airing
6:36 am
the first presidential debate that is coming out october 3rd. >> peace and freedom nominee roseanne barr speaking last night in oakland. she is running for president. there was a fall house where she appeared and her main talking point is marijuana legalization. there she was outraged by dea raid on legal cannabis clinics. >> obama sent federal troops against a states' rights. almost the very same week that he said it merritt equality was a state's rights issue.
6:37 am
>> roseanne decided to run because she is fed up with the two-party system in america. the time now is 637 and we'll be back with more and just a few minutes. to get you going on a friday morning, it should not be that hard because it's friday it's going to be nice hot and sunny. we'll be right back.
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welcome back to take a look at this. a hoax involving a fake grenade launcher and the streets of arizona. people did not know what to say when they sought a man and a mask with a fake grenade launcher walking down the streets. he was pretending to fire off the grenade launcher. michael turley a local filmmaker was
6:41 am
trying to test police response. he is lucky he did not get injured. >> and governor jerry brown signs a couple of bills into law that will make california a leader and coppe.... a companion measure creates a digital open source library to house all the material which students will be able to access for free or a small fee. a big difference from the expense of textbooks they have to buy now. we will be back in just a few minutes.
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a 12 year-old nevada a girl who was struck by an sec while riding her bike yesterday's has died. haley of radcliffe was balking on
6:45 am
the bottom blvd. going home from school traveling westbound when she was struck by a white as you feed that was traveling east. the police say the driver is cooperating. parents at albany school to met with administrators to talk about the school teacher james amaziah key on suspicion of having an event never fret a relationship with a student. police have arrested the person that sparked anti anti islamic protests. >> curiosity made it an incredible discovery suggesting that water was most present on the surface
6:46 am
of mars. >> we can characterize the water has been at had a bigger is low on the surface of mars. >> face said that there was likely a streambed of water that flowed down into the crater where the rocks were found. >> we have a lot of clouds to contend with right now however a gorgeous shot as we take it outside to are mounted to and can this morning. radar imagery does show where the cloud cover is located in its the coast line the peninsula and cloudy conditions and the east bay shoreline. temperature is mid-40s right now and nevada. 50 degrees and belay hill 52 and oakland as we take those numbers to lunch time we will be in the '50s anymore.
6:47 am
'60s through the heart of the bay. by 3:00 p.m. we will see much more by the way of thorns on your screen indicating where we will see those '80s. sunny conditions and to the afternoon but the cloud cover is going to take a while to clear. cooler conditions compared to yesterday 76 and mountain view 78 in santa clara. we could clupper 80s for fare via.t is cloudy but we will see sunshine into the afternoon 80 in san for and about all. downtown san francisco is coming in at 67 degrees. if you are going to the a's game against the mariners of the first pitch is at 7:05
6:48 am
p.m. we will start with sunny skies but an increase in cloud cover throughout the game. warmer conditions as we head into the weekend. by 12:00 p.m. tomorrow upper 70's for concord lower 80s for livermore and we will heat things up as we had in to your afternoon highs. warmer conditions compared to what we have seen, the warmest since mid june. monday's we are flirting with the triple digits and unseasonably warm conditions as we head into the middle of next week. >> there is a good-sized back up at the toll bridge plaza. it is not backed up into the macarthur maze but west grand ave. drive time is up to 16 to 18 minutes.
6:49 am
no incidents reported to slow your ride. the san mateo bridge drive is about 13 minutes west word from hayward to foster city. no problems on the eastbound side. the golden gate bridge drive when a wind southbound is still looking good coming through marin county. the east bay maps tracking the commute through 80 adding 2 to 3 minutes to the hercules to berkeley berkeley drive time. still heavy for westbound highway 4. was down 580 is a better ride from the alta month passed. the south bay freeway is there were delays on 880 southbound at alameda but they cleared that up. there were a couple of lanes blocked but that is not the commute direction. 85 slows through saratoga but the 1
6:50 am
01 and 280 are both great. the one on one southbound still no real slowing to increase the drive time coming from nevada to the golden gate bridge. >> traffic fatalities are up in the u.s. for the first half of the year. a report from the national traffic safety administration fines of 9% increase in motor vehicle deaths. that is the largest jump and a six month period since 1975. 60,000 people have died in car crashes this year. deteriorated roadways could be partly to blame. bam kron4 as the best seat in the house for the blue angels flight or the bay area. fleet week is presented by g, saturday october 6th at 3:00 p.m.. we will give you the best view of the blue angels flying over the bay. we will take a
6:51 am
break, but a live look here at mount tam there is a great look a little bit of clouds but there is the sun coming.
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welcome back we are watching the area weather. there was a heat spike for some of the inland areas yesterday. there's some upper 80s and some of the inland spots. there is some low fog that should burn off in the next few hours. temperatures pop back up tomorrow mid-90s on saturday and some of the warm spots. nearly 100 on sunday and monday it is still on the hot side. as we had until late september there is a little bit of hot weather. we slide into october with some hot weather and land. heights climbing up into the mid '80s and don't have air conditioning in the day. beautiful beach weather saturday sunday and monday
6:55 am
with temperatures climbing up into the '70s. a new study suggests that a large earthquake that happened on the other side of the world may trigger some aftershocks around the rest of the globe. there was not too much damage but it was 8.6 earthquake that hit last april in the indian ocean. they spent scores of large aftershocks that happened around the world were kicked off by this earthquake. there was one in alaska or event in new mexico. another such a large event could trigger an earthquake on the hayward south andreas fault here in the bay area. such large earthquakes that trigger around the world have been about every 50 years. >> the new data shows that more people are moving downtown. they define downtown that is with a 2 mi. radius of a city hall.
6:56 am
60 million people were living downtown which is about 6 percent of people 11 metro areas. chicago sound of this downtown area boom. new orleans on the greatest decline losing 35,000 people. people believe researchers believe the people are moving to be closer to their jobs. >> the connection between beer and politics finds that if you drink sam adams you are republican and i can drink first are democrat said. bud light finds that no one that they leaned towards no one. those techies are known to be part bipartisan. >> we will be back in a couple of minutes as students in and out by the middle school are going to class today with a heavy
6:57 am
heart. a classmate was struck by an as cbs today has died we will have a live report in a few minutes. or for colorado and the court documents are expected there any minute and a movie theater shooting investigation. at 7:45 a.m. the world according to gary and the nfl refs are back. ♪
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on a huge selection of clearance mattresses. get 2 years interest-free financing on tempur-pedic. but hurry, sleep train's inventory clearance sale ends soon. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ thanks for joining us on this friday morning. a live look at the growing moral and nevada were a 12 year- old girl was struck and killed by an sec. >> parents at an albany school meet with the district as a teacher is arrested we will hear what the school has to say about it. >> we wi

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